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Horror stories about Oxbridge interviews have been around for many years. Did a student really set fire to an interviewer’s copy of The Times as he was reading it? And is it true that one interviewer told a prospective student to throw a brick through a window? Well, truth or fiction, this sort of thing doesn’t happen anymore. It’s far more difficult than that to impress an interviewer! In truth, the sort of student who impresses an interviewer is someone who is genuinely interested in their subject and its place in the world, who thinks logically from premise to conclusion, who is open-minded and willing to learn and who is able to apply their knowledge in unfamiliar situations. Many applicants have all of these attributes but can’t necessarily show them well under pressure.

Who needs university interview support?

This is for those students called for a university subject interview. It is for those applying to any UK university ( including Oxbridge applications) for any subject, including Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.

Oxford University, for example, receives around 21,500 applications for approximately 3,300 places every year — and only 10,000 of those applicants are invited to interview so if you have been invited our University Interview support is a good way to help maximise your potential and chances of success, particularly if you are applying from overseas.

How does this support work?

Firstly, students receive an online session covering general interview behaviour, looking at things such as body language, eye contact and engaging the interviewers well when faced with more than one. This session also gives students ideas of the sorts of questions which may be covered, and ideas on how to answer tough questions.

Later on, students will receive a practice interview, from which they will receive detailed feedback. After time to take on board this feedback, a second interview takes place at a later date.

Oxford & Cambridge have announced that all Oxbridge interviews for 2021 will be online.

The location of the practice interviews is dependent on pandemic issues, so please note that these may well be online.

How does it help?

Every interview is unique, as is every interviewer and so no amount of practice can precisely recreate an interview. Practising can, however, build confidence by taking away some of the unknown. Learning to put ourselves in the interviewer’s shoes allows us to think about what they want to see and this can really help with the preparation. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it can calm the nerves and allow students to focus.

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