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UK universities are looking for students with a strong academic interest in their university subject. For them, it’s far more important than any transferable skills or extra-curricular achievements. It’s vital therefore that students can show this both in the personal statement and at any subsequent interview. This module guides and supports students with suggestions, discussions and feedback.

Who is this for?

This is for students beginning their preparations to apply to a UK university through UCAS. It’s for those who want to learn more about their chosen university subject in order to make a stronger application. When reading personal statements, universities like to see a student’s academic interest and one of the best ways to show a high level of engagement with the subject which they are applying to study is through evidence of super curricular research. This is the work which students do outside of the classroom and the curriculum to look into the subject; it might include things such as books, online articles, podcasts, lectures, online courses, short courses, exhibitions, competitions, documentaries, journals and so on. Applications which stand out are those which show someone who has taken time to investigate the subject for themselves. This module guides students through this.

How does it work?

Through regular discussion sessions, we discover which areas of the subject really interest the student and can then provide bespoke suggestions for research around these topics. Reviews take place regularly in order for the student to feedback on the activities and to look at further areas of particular interest, which will then guide the next set of suggestions.

How will this help you?

This support helps students to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the university subject they are applying for. This research can even sometimes lead to a student realising that it’s not the subject for them. And that’s no bad thing. We just start looking in another direction. Researching a wide range of materials ensures that the personal statement contains evidence of a genuine interest in the chosen subject and gives students plenty to discuss at interview.

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