University Application Management & UCAS clearing

UCAS Clearing

What is UCAS Clearing?

Clearing is how universities and colleges fill up places they still have left on their courses after A-level results day.

It is a way for students who miss out on their chosen universities and courses to find a route into higher education.

This year it is open from 6 July to 20 October

UCAS Clearing Support

If things don’t go well with results, we are also around to help with UCAS Clearing advice. It’s not something to be dismissed; in 2019, over 13% of all students accepted on to a course were accepted through Clearing, so it is a viable option if needs be.

UCAS 2021 Application Management

2020 has been a difficult year with schools closed due to lockdown. Many pupils have not received the support they would usually expect from schools in preparing their UCAS application & personal statement. Often form tutors & Head’s of sixth form would helped students through mentoring sessions and in many schools this has not happened. Internal school deadlines may already have been missed and the Oxbridge & UCAS deadlines are fast approaching:

Oxbridge Deadline 15 October 2020

This is the application deadline for all courses to Oxford or Cambridge, and most courses in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and veterinary science.

UCAS Deadline 15 January 2021

Deadline for all UCAS undergraduate course applications.

In the UK, there are in the region of 165 higher education institutions to choose from, not including private institutions. Now, whilst that is not approaching anything like the numbers in the USA, it can still seem a challenge to choose only 5 of them on the UCAS form. Add to that the prospect of deciding between around 50,000 undergraduate courses overall and it’s not surprising that parents and students look for some support in making the best choices.  

Who needs this support?

This module is for students who are really unsure of what to study and who are not able to access the level of support in the application process which they might like. This may be because they are being home-schooled or are at a school outside of the UK with limited experience of the process. Or perhaps they just need the cushion of some extra support.

How does university choices support work?

The student will receive considered and tailored advice on choosing the most appropriate subject to study at degree level. This is done via a series of informal sessions where we seek to understand more about the student’s interests and motivation. Our experience in university applications as well as Careers guidance gives us a strong background to draw on with our advice. This process may involve some reading suggestions for students to help with their decisions.

University Choices & Admissions Support

We then move on to advising on the choice of universities for them. As part of the application management, we inform the student about Open Days and other events to help them make informed choices. We will also assume responsibility for ensuring that all aspects of the UCAS application process are completed on time and correctly, making sure that students stick to the deadlines and helping them with all aspects of the application process, including supplementary forms and timely submission of written work for Oxbridge. We will also liaise, where necessary and appropriate, with specific universities and admissions tutors on behalf of the students and their parents or guardians with any queries.

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