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Only around 17% of applicants to Oxford were offered a place in the 2019 cycle


Make your Personal Statement Stand out from the Crowd

Writing the personal statement is usually the part of the application process which students dread most. For many, it is the first time that they have had to write about themselves and often they find it challenging to reflect on their reasons for wanting to go on to university. It’s a surprisingly short document which, considering its importance, can mean it’s a tough task to write something convincing with strong substance and evidence and which flows well with a personal touch and an elegant style. Admissions officers read hundreds of these, so they need to stand out.

Only around 17% of applicants to Oxford University were offered a place in the 2019 cycle; the personal statement is one of the aspects which contributed to those decisions.

Who is this for?

This is for students making an application to any UK university for a degree or a foundation course. The UCAS personal statement is an important aspect of the application which gives students a chance to stand out from the crowd and show the universities how engaged they are with the subject for which they are applying. No matter how early a student starts the process, it often feels like a daunting prospect but this module will help students to break the process down in to manageable and logical steps with unlimited guidance.

How does it work?

For students starting early and who have done no wider reading around the chosen degree subject, this module works best with the Subject Research module, because the strongest personal statements are those which are full of references to evidence of research such as books, journals, lectures and so on. If students have already completed a fair amount of super curricular work, this module works perfectly as a standalone. After several initial sessions to work out what evidence the student already has and to find out about motivation and future plans, the student then begins writing to a structured plan with unlimited feedback.

How will it help you?

Although there is no magic formula for a winning statement, we base our students’ planning around a proven structure, which allows them to organise their thinking in such a way as to present their subject passion in a stylish and engaging way. We do not write statements, but we guide in the most detailed way without ever taking away from the voice of the student. We spend time getting the student to draft and re-draft an unlimited number of times until we are all happy.

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