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Why use JMC Education to find the right school for your son or daughter?

JMC has been working in the Independent School sector for over 10 years providing training for school leaders & teachers as well as school inspections in readiness for ISI. This gives us an unrivalled knowledge of individual schools , their ethos , atmosphere , leadership and teaching.

Our Director, John Medlicott is a former Master at Harrow School and has worked at some of the most prestigious Independent Schools in the UK. John is ably assisted by our School Placement & Admissions team, who are Parents, Ex Pupils and Teachers at leading Independent Schools, as well as our Associates , most of whom have been Independent School Heads in Senior and Prep Schools and ISI Inspectors ; between them their knowledge of the sector is unparalleled.

We have successfully helped many students gain places at many of the top UK Independent Schools such as Harrow School, Harrow School Online, Eton College, Winchester College, Wellington College, Westminster School, City of London ( Boys & Girls) , St. Paul’s ( Boys & Girls) , Latymer Upper , Dulwich College, Godolphin & Latymer School, Cheltenham Ladies’ College and Wycombe Abbey.

From the outside you will see what the school wants you to see but, with JMC’s wealth of insider knowledge from working closely with Independent Schools you will get to understand what really matters about each school.

Which School?

Schools ! There are around 2,500 Independent Schools in the UK, many are represented by the Independent Schools Council (ISC), while around 250 Independent Senior Schools are represented by the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC). All with varying entry points, admissions timelines and all manner of different entrance assessments. Most with fabulous facilities and all with particular curricular and extracurricular fortes. 

Pre-Prep schools, Prep Schools to 11, Prep Schools to 13, Through Schools,  11-16 schools, 11-18 schools, Diamond Schools, Coed Schools  –  there is a bewildering choice of educational pathways for your son or daughter from age 4 -18.  Add to this Weekly Boarding , Flexi Boarding , Full Boarding … 

As a parent you want the best your child, but in terms of education what is the best school? Indeed by what criteria, grade-crunching aside, can this even be measured?   The best school is one which is the best -fit for your child and where he or she will fit in best.  

Some parents want to emulate the school experience they enjoyed, some to seek something better, but most simply don’t know when or where to start.  

Unrivalled Knowledge of UK Independent Schools

With our unrivalled Independent school insight , through delivering INSET training at across the UK for over ten years JMC’s Independent School Placement & Admissions is uniquely positioned to guide you on this journey. 

Our highly experienced team of expert Associates who are parents themselves and who have studied at and taught in prestigious schools across the independent sector such as Harrow School, South Hampstead High School , City Of London, University College School , Epsom College, just to name a few, can advise you on the real school behind the glossy prospectus.

We will not be offering you a ‘package’. Different families will need differing input and be seeking different levels of support. 

What you will have, is our assurance that we have your and your son or daughter’s best interests at heart.  

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Choosing a School

All too often schools have mission statements that put multi- nationals to shame, a prospectus that is all style over content and  websites that are so all singing-all-dancing that they are too time-consuming and tiresome to navigate. 

school placement

What matters when choosing a school?

Parents always ask us what to look for in a school. From the outside you will see what the school wants you to see but, with JMC’s wealth of insider knowledge from working closely with Heads and Heads of Departments, we know that what really matters is: 

The ethos and feel of the school.  

The interactions between pupils and between pupils and teachers. 

How the teaching is delivered. 

All schools will offer a host of clubs – often right through from Archery to Zoology, but not all have Maths and Chess teams with national level players. The school with an Olympic pool or a theatre to rival the West End’s might not be so strong on prep for Medical School applications or offer the Ancient Greek that your mythology-mad child is keen to pursue. Or, if your child lives for Cricket as well as Chemistry, a factor to consider is that some great schools have sports centres several miles away.

It is a question of priorities – but at 11 or 13 the decision does, and should, involve your child, so as their interests, strengths and talents becoming apparent, we cannot emphasise enough how important it is to see past the league tables. 

Independent School Application and Assessments

Gone are the days of having to register your child at birth, but all too often we receive calls from parents, both in the UK and from overseas who have missed registration deadlines, or who are surprised  to discover that for a school for a 13 year old, the initial visit should have taken place in Year 4 . 

We will meet with you online or by phone and, subsequently, your son or daughter, to take a detailed profile of their education to date and to talk through your particular circumstances and your and their priorities and aspirations.  

We will listen carefully to you all to create a long or shortlist of schools. Thereafter, we will guide you through the research, application and admissions process. 

Having assessed your child we can put the necessary academic mentoring and support in place to enable each child to achieve their ambitions.

Throughout this process you can be reassured that we have your and your son or daughter’s best interests at heart.

Remember: the best school is one which is the best -fit for your child and where he or she will fit in best.  

Independent School Placement & Admission for Overseas Students

In addition to all of the services listed above , if you are overseas, we will also support your child all the way through with our Guardianship service.

Do contact us/ get in touch for an informal discussion and to hear what makes us different.

We are able to offer unique opportunities for your children right from the beginning, such as choosing the right school, university application & interview support , academic mentoring and much more!

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