Academic Mentoring: School Entry Preparation

Academic mentoring

Academic Mentoring

“We had moved to England from abroad, with less than a year for my son to prepare for the 13+ Common Entrance. JMC were engaged to undertake this daunting task and did so with great results. They have a thorough knowledge of the complete range of subjects needed for 13+ and makes learning fun.

Parent of successful 13+ applicant to Harrow School

Why choose JMC to help your son or daughter with UK Independent School entry?

Our Director, John Medlicott is a former Master at Harrow School and has worked at some of the most prestigious independent schools in the UK. John is ably assisted by our School Entry & Academic Mentoring team, led by Phineas Pett , Head of School Entry & Mentoring, also a former Harrow Master , he has ten years’ experience preparing pupils for UK Independent school entry as well as our Associates , most of whom have been Independent School Heads in Senior & Prep Schools and ISI Inspectors ; between them, their knowledge of the sector is unparalleled.

We have successfully helped many students gain places at many of the top UK Independent schools such as Harrow School, Eton College, Winchester College, Wellington College, Westminster School, City of London ( Boys & Girls) , St. Paul’s ( Boys & Girls) , Latymer Upper , Dulwich College, Godolphin & Latymer School and Wycombe Abbey.

We have also successfully supported applications to universities such as Imperial College, Oxford University, University of Cambridge, UCL, St. Andrew’s University, Edinburgh University, Durham University and LSE amongst others.

Why Academic mentoring?

Academic mentoring helps children become the best that they can be and lets them reach their ultimate potential. 

academic mentoring

Academic mentoring can bring out the full potential of your child and can take a variety of forms:

Regular Academic mentoring where students need to top up on certain topics.

Making school entrance exams into something much more approachable.

Helping students approach unfamiliar questions with confidence. 

Recommending schools and universities and training them up for that standard.

We can provide a bespoke service that will make sure that your child is on the right path to success. We work with students for top UK Independent School & University entry. Our Academic mentoring sessions are made up of bespoke materials, compiled to a student’s individual requirements as they work towards a specific goal. We write materials with each student in mind to ensure that the questions are tailored to maximise the effectiveness of each session.

What does it involve?

The programme is only decided after discussing each individual child’s interests, needs and educational aspirations, and materials include additional reading and unique adaptive learning questions which students can use to practise after each session.  We will provide you with a JMC Education report on your son or daughter, just like they would receive at school, discussing their progress. As a parent you can see your child’s strengths as well as areas that need improving.

Academic mentoring is available as stand-alone sessions to provide a jumping-off point for students; or can be arranged as programmes of study over a longer period. We can also provide home-schooling projects for students and act as a virtual Headmaster, organising the best academic mentors and making sure that the student is performing at the best ability and keeping tabs with reports to maintain good focus.

Who is this for?

These programmes are extremely popular with those studying abroad hoping to move over to the British school system as well as those looking for a pre-assessment boost.

UK Independent School Entrance Exams & Interview Preparation

We have an in-depth knowledge of UK Independent school entry and can provide interview practice workshops, which have helped many students gain places at many of the top schools and universities.

11+ Exam Preparation

An academic mentor with experience and knowledge of the requirements of the exam can be of real benefit. At 11+, one academic mentor should be able to cover all aspects of the exam, namely Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning and will be able to develop confidence and exam technique. The preparation would focus on nuances of each question type, discuss how the tests differ and focus on the precise methods and then lead students through interview technique and familiarisation. This will work best for most children if it is approached steadily over a number of months, with weekly sessions. Most parents start 11+ tuition in Year 4 or Year 5.

13+ Exam Preparation

For the 13+ exam, which is based on separate subjects, we assign an academic mentor to oversee your son or daughter’s academic support. The mentor would identify which subject area (s) needs the most work and arrange for support in these individual subjects .To develop real rigour and polish in the foundation skills; to develop strong exam technique and confidence parents should look to start tuition to prepare towards the 13+ or Common Entrance in Year 6 or Year 7.

There is no standardised process with the 13+ exam. Some Independent Schools set and mark their own 13+ Entrance Exams, rather than use the ISEB Common Entrance Exam. The academic mentor will guide you and your son or daughter through the process and advise the procedures at different independent schools.

16+ Exam Preparation

16+ exams are also based on separate subjects. We assign an Academic mentor to oversee your son or daughter’s academic support, they would identify which subject area (s) needs the most work and arrange for support in these individual subjects .To develop strong exam technique and confidence parents should look to start tuition to prepare towards the 16+ in Year 10 or Year 11.

There is no standardised process with the 16+ exam , the academic mentor will guide you and your son or daughter through the process and advice the procedures at different independent schools. These exams are written in-house by schools and are normally based on a GCSE or AS-Level syllabus and are typically around 45 minutes to an hour in length, with prospective pupils sitting papers in all the AS-levels they are applying to take.

Scholarship Exam Preparation

academic mentoring

Most Independent Schools offer Scholarships to attract the most talented pupils to their school. Scholarships are highly competitive. Your academic mentor will keep you well informed and will save you the time of having to do all the research into the various schools and their procedures.

Our expertise in UK Independent schools will  successfully help prepare your child towards their Scholarships Exams and Assessments.

Through our academic mentoring pupils have successfully achieved scholarships at the following schools : Eton, Winchester, Westminster, Wycombe Abbey, Harrow, Wellington, St Paul’s Girls and Boys, Latymer Upper, Dulwich and Godolphin & Latymer.

 “He was quick to spot Richard’s abilities at the first lesson. He polished his knowledge and worked on the improvement of his performance at exams. We are happy with his contribution to Richard’s success.” 

Parent of successful Winchester College scholarship applicant